Pinterest is the GREATEST DRAWING resource you are not using.

Pinterest  is fantastic.Those of you who know about this and use it already know this. Before the digital age if you needed reference you had to buy a book or magazine. Maybe you went to your local library and checked out some titles on armor or tanks or whatever you needed to know what to draw. Along comes the internet and you could just search for an image and “BAMM” there were hundreds and thousands of pictures.  So what makes Pinterest so special if you can just google it. Because pinterest puts it all in one place and you can “pin it” (theres even an add on for it). But lets delve deeper into reference. lets say I want to draw or look for poses more specific animation poses or maybe video game concept art. Its all there. From spaceships to robots the resource is endless. There are boards on cinematography and perspective. There is anatomy and if you can’t draw clothes because you’re NOT a fashion designer, well they have a board for that too.  The topics are too numerous to name in one blog. So i will let you play with the search function on pinterest. Its a great place to  improve your art skills. Below I put some awesome boards for you guys to check out. And who knows you may want contribute yourself.

character design

vehicle design

costume design




Quick Tips on Digital Painting

So before you get all EXCITED about digital paining, there are a few things you need to know. This video touches on some of the important aspects of jumping into the digital realm. My weapon of choice is Sketchbook Pro, I also love Mischief as it feels very similar to paper. Well as close as software could.

Digital painting : How to blend part one.

This is part one of my blending tutorial. In it I discuss the basics of blending. I am using Sketchbook Pro for this tutorial. Some other good Digital painting programs are Krita, Clip Studio paint and of course the MIGHTY PHOTOSHOP. The digital tool you use is up to you. It’s much more important to learn to use the tools you have. Blending is a process that takes a while to become good at. You can do it.